Mail Service and Your Payment

There have been numerous times when we have had customers report that they didn’t receive a water bill. Likewise, RWD#2 didn’t receive your payments. We wanted to post this article to address how these situations are addressed.

There are policies and procedures, laws and mandates that dictate how we as a business must operate. To address the fundamentals of the issue regarding how we are required function with respect to mail service.

All non-zero accounts should receive a statement, which we try to mail out in time for everyone to receive by — or as near as possible — the first day of the month.

Any Balance Due Account should receive a Cut-Off notice if we have not received the payment by the due date (The 15th day of each month). Cut-Off notices, (pink card) are sent out to accounts RWD#2 has not received payment by the due date. This does not mean you haven’t sent it in or paid it by some other means. It just means the district hasn’t received your payment in our office.

An issue that has been very problematic for RWD#2 and most other businesses is the issue that often arises with mail service: when you put a stamp on an envelope and commit to mail service to deliver your payment, you have agreed to a service provided by a third-party business, the US Postal Service. RWD#2 has no control over when or how the US Postal Service delivers mail. Likewise, we cannot guarantee delivery of your statement. Therefore, we must rely on good communication between the district and the customers to achieve the end goal of payment for services rendered. If you do not receive your monthly bill before the payment due date (15th day of the month) customers can call and ask about the balance due during office hours.

RWD#2 offers three ways to pay before the due date to avoid late charges — by mail, online on our website, or drop-off at the office in person, the drive-thru drop box or the drop slot (located to the right of main entrance) for after-hours payment.

Every customer must understand, the late fee is not something we can just waive or ignore. It is a written policy of RWD#2.

Several customers have become upset with the fact that due to their payment not being received, this policy dictates that a Cut-Off Notice be mailed to them. RWD#2 asks each customer to understand if discretion is allowed for one customer, it must also be allowed for every customer. This policy is not personal, nor does it reflect on anyone’s character or ability to conduct business. It is our goal to provide equal treatment to all our customers. The discretion some want us to use can also be legally determined to be discrimination, hence the reason for these policies and procedures to keep us in compliance with laws, rules, and governance.

We ask each customer to be understanding of the fact RWD#2 strives to be compliant with all the requirements necessary to operate as a business and still provide a valuable service to each customer.

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